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You can listen to the KJV Bible freely on this web site the KJV Bible read by Willard Waggoner today. Copyright (c) 1996 Praise Inc.

Listen to Gen 01:01 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

The KJV Bible in Digital Audio format for your listening Pleasure
Your Source for the KJV Bible read by Willard Waggoner in multiple Audio Formats. Here are your audio format choices.

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or you can purchase this in Mp3 Format on CD or MP3  on DVD. We also have produced this reading in a DVD video format for the complete Bible and in a Daily Bible Devotions for Audio and for DVD Video Devotions.

Exclusive now we have over 1400 hours of audio word studies available to listen to in mp3 format.

Listen to the whole Book streaming.

To Purchase we can also supply the eBibleAudio Bible to you on CD or on DVD Video or DVD media for computer usage for all the other formats. such as MP3 on CD,  Window  Audio Media, Windows Video Media,  Flash SWF, MP4, AC3, WAV, DVD Video

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